Talking to Ants

“Hi there little ant” you say. “Aren’t you getting tired carrying that seed all that way?”

The ant does not respond.

“I’m sure you can hear me. I’m just not sure you can understand me. Walk in a circle if you can understand me.” You say. It looks like he’s about to comply! But no. He’s just walking around a pebble.

“What’s your name, ant?” You ask. Don’t get frustrated. You probably won’t get a response.

The ant does not respond.

“I bet your name is Anthony. Yeah! ‘Ant’ the ant. And your wife is Anna Ant.” You snicker to yourself. “And you’re taking that seed back home to feed your family before you sit down at your little computer and do your taxes.” Now you’re just teasing him. Keep trying.

“Little ant. Why don’t you just look up. We could chat if only you’d stop living in two dimensions and look up!”

The ant does not respond. Don’t feel bad.

Joe has been watching you this whole time. He’s not hiding. Why don’t you see him?

“Hi there little person” says Joe. He continues “aren’t you getting tired trying to talk to that ant?”

You do not respond.

“We could chat if only you would stop living in three dimensions and look into the fourth!”

You don’t hear Joe.

The ant doesn’t hear you.

Don’t feel bad.



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