Old and Decrepit

I am so old, dirty, touched, creased, than I can’t believe that anybody will love me ever again.

I am being told that I was beautiful, intelligent, mesmerizing, inspiring and well spoken.

I am remembered as funny.

I have been living under the same roof for longer than I can remember. Once I was new. This roof is old fashioned, with supporting walls of stone.

Sometimes I feel cold and abandoned and in summer the air here is sweet with the breeze from the sea and the flowers from the garden, but I have no one to share the pleasures of the summer.

Have compassion for me. Take me to your hearth where I can stay near the chimney in winter time and entertain you with deep thoughts and funny stories to repeat.

Do not leave me to be forgotten.

I have been living in an abbey at the top of a hill, overlooking the breaking waves of the sea. It has been so many years that now I want to be moved to a place where I do not have to fear the storms, the rain and the cold.

Take me with you passerby, from my abandoned shelf in the only room with a roof of the old abbey by the sea.

I promise you loyalty, thoughts and entertainment for as long as you love me, because I am a book.



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