Glenn in Rio

Glenn was a blokey bloke. He wore blokey shoes, worked at a blokey job and watched blokey TV shows. He’d usually put on a Western Movie after a hard day working in the mud. One day he slumped in his couch, put on his Western movie, and nodded off for a moment. He missed what the hero said, so he skipped back a few seconds to hear it again. Okay. I’ll get it this time.

There was John Wayne, about to say the phrase that Glenn hadn’t heard the first time around. But, something was off. The words were coming out in Spanish.

Glenn fiddled with the controls to figure out how he’d managed to change the audio, but all the buttons on the remote had turned to Chinese. Wow! Must still be asleep and dreaming. Snap out of it Glenn!

Nope. No difference. The buttons on the remote were still in Chinese, the Movie was still coming out in Spanish and the numbers on the clock had changed to Roman numerals. Glenn stood up to look around and see if there was any more strangeness. His feet felt so light. What happened to his muddy boots?

Glenn looked down at his feet. Fluffy pink slippers? How did they get there? He went straight to the bathroom mirror to wash his face. On the way he glanced out the window. He could see the Christ the Redeemer statue atop the Corcovado. He was in Rio de Janeiro. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that yesterday, outside his window was a view of Sydney Harbour!

Glenn made it to the bathroom sink and splashed his face with cold water. He looked in the mirror and staring back at him was a pretty blonde woman. He tried to scream but what came out was more of a shriek. Bugger! I’ve turned into a Brazilian woman. I’d better learn Portuguese.



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