The Good Luck Story

Mabel, Pablo and their little boy were walking on the beach. It was a sunny day but still not the season when the beach is full of people. As a matter of fact there was nobody there. The little boy was picking up stones and shells and running around his mum and dad.

In the distance, from behind a dune, there appeared a group of young teenagers – around ten. They sort of formed in a group and there was a nervousness in the air. The mother called the baby near her, the father approached his wife, and the youngsters began to pick up debris from the beach. The kind of the debris that can be used to hurt if used like a hammer.

The husband and the wife were scared, their instincts were telling them that there was danger in front of them. It was not possible turn around. The youngsters were too close. Their faces were wild with anticipation of whatever they were planning to do. The only option for the young family was to continue ahead and cross their path, and leave them behind if possible.

One of the young ones was proving his stick on his hands, like a warrior ready to hit. The others were prepared too. Even the little boy sensed the danger, because he hugged his mother’s neck and looked at the strangers with a certain concern.

The moment was there and suddenly…
“Oh hello Martin, what are you doing here?” said Mabel.
“I’m staying at a holiday camp on the other side of the beach.” Responded one of the youngsters.
As if by magic, all the sticks fell from the hands of the others. Mabel, Martin and the young adolescent had a small conversation. The tension was gone. The relief of the mother, the father and the small child was evident. The youngsters went ahead, leaving behind all the branches and sticks that they were going to use as tools to hurt, only for the pleasure of doing it and because they were bored.



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