The Twins

It all began on a scorching summer day in the northern desert, where the most amazing and incredible things happen. The twins decided to run, but where and how? They chose the river bed which was empty and soft on their feet. A big cloud appeared in the middle of the sky and there you are…

…rain, like a deluge. And it rained and rained, heavier and heavier by the minute. Where there had been no water there was now a broad current of water that grew broader with the contribution of other tributaries appearing from nowhere, running and running with rain. The twins were happy. They were ahead of the deluge, before any sign of water.

The twins ran among trees, and the animals nearby raised their heads to greet them rushing by. The air was delicious, charged with the smell of the oncoming rains and fresh leaves and grass. The twins ran and ran, with the water catching speed at every corner. The twins made noises like laughter and crunched the sand of the dry river bed, but the water was catching up…

The twins were ahead. They got to a cliff in the middle of a jungle of green and grass, nowhere to go. No more running. Just stay. Let the river catch up…

The river jumped behind them, violently overflowing, flooding every shore, and the twins waited. They waited and they knew they would be able to jump the cliff with the help of the river.

They did… They became the two branches of a waterfall and they continued running to the sea, where neither twin won the race. They only joined their waters to meander to the sea.



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