The Pelican

Part Two

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When Malina appeared in my life, there were many explanations, but my sister agreed to let people believe that the baby was hers. She was already married and some years later she left the property. I since got married and Malina stayed with me and my own wife who by then had three little children of my doing. We always were a normal kind of family, but all of us guarded Malina because she was different and special. We did not know how, but we felt it and were instinctively compelled to protect her.

Malina could see things that we did not see. We realised that very soon in her life with us. She could swim without learning to do it and she learned how to read and write at the age of three. Our farm had always been on the brink of disaster due to floods, droughts and fires. Never again did we have problems of that kind. My animals grew fat and healthy and as a consequence, I began to be economically independent, if not rich. That situation allowed me to give much time to Malina and my sons.

The world is in a bit of mess with all the environmental problems. One day Malina was subdued and sort of sad. She wanted to talk to the family. She said she had to go. She did not say where or why, but she said that her hour was now.

She left. We did not stop her. She became a very influential person in the world of politics and finances. I do not know what she did, I only know that the environmental problems had ceased and there are lots of pelicans around now.

I am an old man now. All my children have their own families. I am still on the farm. I travelled when I was young and healthy, and still like to sit near the pond where one day Malina appeared from the beak of a pelican. I wonder. So many questions. I do not have answers for any.

I know that mankind has advanced in its evolution because my grandchildren can do different things with their brains. Things I couldn’t even imagine when I was young.

I can see a pelican floating in the waters of the pond. They are majestic animals…



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