Background Blur

A (Precisely) 100 Word, Alliterative Story

This is a message to the masses. An appeal to all the aperture openers. Photographers: feel for the forgotten and forsaken background blur.

Consider the sacrifice of seldom starring in the snapshot. Its inherent invaluableness is indisputable. It makes portraits pop; macros magnificent; and beauty shots… beautiful. The background blur beautifies even boring bark on a branch or bough (proof pic appended up top).

Benevolent benefactors branded it “bokeh,” but this amiable appellation ain’t adequate!

When your profile pic needs polish, pause to ponder the plight of those persecuted in the picture. Bless the background blur for being so beneficial.


An Explanation

Photographers use background blur, or “bokeh” to make their subject “pop”. Oftentimes it’s overused (like the image above) and sometimes it’s used to great effect. In either case, it’s a really useful weapon in the photographer’s arsenal.

The story is written with alliteration in mind, so if you can’t quite get it, try reading it out loud. If the PerPlexion Persists, PerhaPs the Poem’s the Problem!


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