The Outpost

Since last week the sky has taken on a red tinge that is alarming. Nobody here knows the reason for such a change. It turned from a magnificent velvety blue to this. Although the temperature is the same, it rains every day and the crops grow without problem. The whole population seems to be happy.

Yesterday I went to a party where everybody was dressed as a historical character. You should have seen them. Very original.

The outpost is very well protected. The birds stopped bothering us. For some unknown reason they flew away and never came back. The frogs in the pond have gone too. I realised this because their characteristic barks are not there any more. Our emergency supplies of oxygen and food are plenty and not of concern at all.

What really concerns me is the color of the sky.

We have received an information call from home. It says that a meteorite is heading our way and it is an unusual one because it is blasting volatile material into space, its dimensions are larger than the planetoid on which we are stationed now, and it is heading towards us at full speed.




3 thoughts on “The Outpost

  1. At least the inhabitants of the outpost were able to live happy lives before being wiped out. And with an impact from an object that large it was most likely a painless death. You really captured a somber tone that worked well with the feel of your story.

    Great work mate 🙂

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