Good Directions

A (Precisely) 100 Word Story

It’s time to meet my online sweetheart. She wants to give me directions – like a treasure hunt.

I get a text.

“Turn left at the end of your street.
Destination 500m on right.”

She’s half a kilometre away, on the next street! I send a text from the car. “On my way now!” Her response comes quickly. “Keep going till the roundabout. See you tomorrow.”

She misunderstood. I’m leaving right now!

I turn left and drive straight for 500m, until I reach the roundabout…

Early next morning, 500 miles later, there it is! Next to the roundabout on Highway One.


A Little Background

A few years ago I left home and moved halfway across the country, over 1000 kilometres away. I lived just off the highway, which meant that I was only one right turn away from home. It’s all a matter of perspective…


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