The Rough Bark

“Pete is useless to us. We have to be caring for him and he is becoming a
burden. Why don’t you send him home? You have the power to do it.”

“I am not going to send Pete home because there is no home. It’s total
collapse. Don’t you remember?”

“You’re right. Sorry. I’ll see if I can give him something to do.”

It was a horrible, dark, dark night and the enemy forces were advancing
towards us. We couldn’t see them. They were going to annihilate us.

“Listen, I can guide us towards the caves. You know, the things are afraid
of caves.” Said Pete.

“How are you going to do that?”

“Believe me. I can do it. Follow me.” Answered Pete.

The situation was desperate. Our platoon didn’t have a chance. We followed Pete.
We got to a big, well hidden cave and waited for reinforcements that were
coming for us the next morning.

“How did you know that there was a cave here, and how did you guide us to

“I followed the rough pieces of bark that I touched in the trunks of the
trees that I know grow near caves.”

“I have to apologise to you Pete. I though that you wouldn’t be a good
soldier because you are blind.”

“I would say that we complement one another. You can see. I can’t see but
my sense of touch, smell and hearing has increased to compensate for my
lack of vision.” Said Pete. “I want to fight the invaders as much as anybody
else in our country… or what is left of it.”



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