The Face of the Tree

It was lunch time for me, so I decided to buy a magazine, sit down in my office and look at the glossy pages as a means of distracting myself for a while. I was looking at a photo in the magazine and suddenly I saw it. I saw the face that – without the blur that the professional photographers use to make the object of their photo distinct – I couldn’t have seen.

It was the face of the tree. Two eyes, a big nose and a mouth moving incessantly, like creating words that I could not hear. Or maybe I could. I heard what it said, but I could not understand. It was the mumble of the leaves that suddenly, without any wind, became a cacophony of noise so desperate that it scared me. I wanted to help the tree with the face full of despair. I looked to the canopy and all the leaves were moving at the same time and the mouth on the trunk was even bigger and more marked.

All of this was happening while I was looking a photo on the page of a magazine. The trees outside my study were complaining and moving too. I peered through the window and I saw the trees move. Yes, move. They were getting out of the ground on their roots and moving like a man moves, from one place to another. They ignored their roots and walked away from my field of view.

Was it all a simple mistake of my imagination, awoken by that magnificent photo in a glossy magazine?

The radio announcer made his voice clear. “Today at lunchtime we were struck by a hurricane, so sudden that the meteorologist did not have time to forecast it.This is the reason why it was a surprise to everyone. Fortunately nobody was hurt. The damage amounted to some trees being brought to the ground.”



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