Crossed Paths in the Park

Linda was raised like a princess. Her mother and father loved her, as well as her siblings. She received a good education and at the age of eighteen she was working as an office clerk in a private enterprise. She was becoming economically independent too. Her future looked rosy and with a lot of promise. She had a kind smile, a beautiful face and blond hair. She was gentle, she liked people and she particularly liked children. She only waited for the prince that she dreamed was going to invite her to share his life.

Peter was the son of a business man, very well connected and with his future already decided. He was going to inherit his father’s business. The family gave Peter certain liberties before he had to take the reins of the family business, so he decided to study design.

Peter and Linda met in the design class that they both attended. The spark was immediate. They began to talk, they had similar interest and the friendship became love. Linda and Peter became lovers, without their families knowing what was happening. The first year was delightful for both of them

The second year in the middle of the term, Peter did not appear any more in class and he did not contact Linda either. Linda was desperate. She did not know much about him, she did not know if he was dead or alive .She cried a lot, but did not regret to have loved her prince, even when he disappeared without letting her know.

Time passed…

Peter was a married man and the director of the big company that his
father had giving him. Linda did not get married. She finished her studies and opened a small business designing furniture. She was successful.

Peter took his wife to the doctor and discovered that she was barren. After a childhood sickness she was left with no possibility of giving birth. Peter was desolated, but the arranged married in which he was had to continue.

One day, Peter was walking though in a park near the place where he had studied with Linda and saw her with a five-year-old child walking with her. There were so many people around that he almost lost her. She took a bus, but when she was on the platform she saw him and greeted him with a movement of her head.

That was it. This child had to be his. He had to know where she lives.

The bus continued down the road and Peter though of lost love and maybe a lost son too. He was running in the middle of the street, but the bus was faster. Peter went to the path, and began to cry.

“Auntie Linda, when are we going to get home?”
“Soon. Very soon my dear.”



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