The Thief

There were 40 thieves in the story of Ali Baba. But this is not a story of 40; it is a story of only one.

“Another rainy day and I have to go to so many places to prepare the paper work for this legal case,” thought Hector.

“More rain again. I have to leave the office to find out what is going to happen to the children of this poor woman,” thought Elena, while running for protection under the front shades of the big stores on the way to the lawyer’s office. After receiving good news in relation to the case of the poor woman and her children, Elena jumped out of the lawyer’s building in the direction of her own office . As she did this, the rain was still pouring outside. Most people were carrying umbrellas and looking at the ground.

And it happened….

Elena crashed into the arms of a man carrying an umbrella, their arms tangled,
their umbrellas interlocked and such was the shock that they had to support each other so as not to fall on the ground. That man was Hector.

Nowadays, Elena and Hector always have a smile on their faces when they see rain, because it was on a similar day that their two paths became one.

And it all happened because once Hector saw Elena’s face – all wet and ashamed for bumping into him – he felt that his heart had been robbed for ever.



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