The Bird Poop Lady

A bird poops on a lady’s arm.
She stops abruptly on the path. “I ought to buy a lotto ticket”, she thinks.
A cyclists doesn’t see her stop and swerves violently. He drops his drink bottle.
The bottle rolls into the street and a car later drives over it.
The contents explode over a lady walking to work. She has to go home and change her clothes.
The lady is running late for work now, but it should be okay. Her coworker will manage.
It isn’t okay. Her coworker is late too, because he dropped his drink bottle somewhere and went to look for it.

The two coworkers work at the TV studio. They are needed to make-up the lotto presenter.
The lotto balls are sitting under the hot studio lights for an extra half-hour. The balls that are exposed to the light get hotter. The balls in the shadow stay cooler.

The lady that got pooped on has purchased a lotto ticket. The numbers she picked happen to be on the balls that stayed cool. The balls that got hot can’t fit through the ball-tube. The poo lady’s balls get picked and she wins the lotto. What a coincidence!



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