The Pigeons

There was this boy that liked to experiment with different dishes, and he particularly liked to eat what he grew. So, he decided to raise pigeons to eat them in a salad. His little cousin, who was cute as a rose, loved birds, horses, flowers and grass and was spoiled by the family because she was the only girl born in her generation of the family. The rest were boys.

Rose – the cute little cousin – visited the big cage where the pigeons were fattening, preparing to be a part of the big boy’s dinner. The whole family was a little eccentric. Everyone had a different kind of peculiarity. The grandmother never cut her hair in her life and wore it free and flying in the wind like a flag. Her hair reached down to her feet. Grandpa only ate fish that he caught at the beach, and when he prepared the fish to eat, he left the fish parts in the garden and the cats of the village had great meetings amongst the flowers. Rose’s mum liked to read romantic novels and expected that her husband called her “my lady.” Rose’s little brother liked to sing in French and speak in Italian. Where he learned those languages, nobody knew.

As for the big boy, as I mentioned, he liked to cook. One day he decided to try cat, so he set a trap and the whole family ate cat in sauce with noodles in the shape of bows. Rose did not eat that day. She liked cats too.

Rose visited the pigeons every day and the birds recognized her. She talked to them and the pigeons returned her conversation with cooing and the fluttering of wings. One day the big boy announced that tonight was the night. He had learned a recipe to cook the pigeons for dinner.

Rose was small, and light as the breeze. She had a big heart. Rose couldn’t allow the pigeons to be cooked. She opened the door of the cage, but the pigeons instead of escaping, they joined forces and lifted Rose with them. They flew to the clouds with Rose over their wings. They continued flying until they reached a castle in the sky, where there were all sorts of animals and animal-loving people. Rose never went back to her cousin’s house. He became a world renowned chef, but he never did cook a pigeon.



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