The Sun and the Rain

The sky was menacing on one side of the house. On the other side it was sunny, lovely and happy. It is just one of those things.

Amelia was going to get married on that day. Her father told her that she wouldn’t receive any monthly alimony if she didn’t agree to marry the candidate he chose for her. He thought his daughter would be better off if she married a man of age and esteem than if she married a young, ambitious stud.

Amelia depended completely on her father for financial matters. She had no choice other than to accept the candidate.

Mr Fish looked like a fish. He was a personal friend of Amelia’s father, and he suffered from the same kind of ailments as her father. He was the same age as her father too. For Amelia, this wedding would be just like marrying her father!

The whole village had been invited. Amelia was not happy and one of her best friends knew about it. This friend’s name was Ana and she was very resourceful. She decided to help Amelia to get out of the compromise of getting married with an old man that she didn’t even like a little bit.

Everybody was at the church, and when the priest asked if anybody had anything to say before he joined the couple in marriage… the doors of the church opened and a strange figure appeared there.

It was the ghost of the castle claiming Amelia as his bride! Everybody screamed, fainted, ran out of the building or got stuck to the bench were they were. They cried aloud and the first person to take off was Mr Fish, leaving his bride to face whatever came.

In seeing such cowardice and lack of interest on the part of Mr Fish, Amelia’s father decided that this man was not deserving of his daughter and her money. The Ghost disappeared unnoticed.

Ana paid the actor for a great performance, Amelia found a boyfriend that became her husband, and her father – who was not tricked by Ana and Amelia – was happy with the results. He had discovered that the only reason that Mr Fish wanted to marry his daughter was for her money.

Because the wedding day was rainy and sunny, every time that the weather is similar, Amelia’s father remembers what happened one day, a long time ago, during his daughter’s dramatic, eventful, failed wedding.



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