The Entrepreneur

There’s a man that thinks himself an entrepreneur. Essential oils are expensive, right? That’s because production’s expensive. You get a whole heap of raw material and cook it for hours and hours. You pass the steam through little tubes that cause the volatile oils to condense, and every now and then a droplet drips into a repository. Well our entrepreneur friend – he’s got a killer idea.

Flower beds aren’t called flower beds for nothing you know. Just imagine fields of lavender planted in rows, and planted in adjacent rows: people. People with eczema, blocked noses, insect bites, insomnia and excessive stress and anxiety. Lavender is a remedy for all of these ailments, so why not take the sick to the cure?

Our friend bought a field and planted a crop of lavender on it. His plan was under way. As soon as it sprung its first flower, the lavender field was open to paying clients.

A kid with eczema planted himself on the lush grass amidst the lavender bushes. He started scratching maniacally. He was allergic to grass.

A man with a blocked nose blew his nose enough to get a whiff of the flowers. This set off his hay fever, congesting him to the point where he nearly asphyxiated,

A man with a spider bite stopped by to try it out. He laid on an ants nest and walked away with twenty more insect bites.

An insomniac heard the commotion but persisted in trying the remedy. He nestled himself between the bushes but he couldn’t stop thinking about ant bites, itchy grass and extreme hay fever. He wasn’t an anxious man before, but he definitely is now.

The entrepreneur was blown away by all the negative feedback. He sent them all a letter a few weeks later. In it he asked them to recall the worst sensation they had ever experienced in relation to their conditions. The worst eczema incident, the worst blocked nose, the worst insect bite and the worst attack of anxiety. For each of them, it was that day in the lavender field.

“Now that you have experienced the worst your conditions have to offer, even on a bad day you can think to yourselves ‘at least it’s not as bad as that day in the lavender field.’ ”

Thus, the entrepreneur had given his clients the valuable commodity called perspective. He went on to sell perspective to thousands of people, making millions and retiring wealthy.



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