Jenny and Joey

Ollantaytambo, Urubamba valley of Peru with storm clouds in the sky.

“Look at those mountains Joey. What do you think they’re made of?” “I dunno.” “See how dark they are? What else do you know that’s dark like that?” “Chocolate!” “Good guess Joey. But they aren’t made of chocolate. Any other guesses?” “Poo!” Jenny stifled a laugh. “Another good guess, but they’re made of rock. You … Continue reading Jenny and Joey

The Little Slab Hut

Orroral Valley Homestead slab hut Australian highlands

“Red in the morning, a shepherd’s warning. Red at night, a shepherd’s delight.” My pa always said that to me when there was a pretty sunset. I don’t think he ever asked why. The saying’s usually ‘bout a sailor, but I guess pa changed it to shepherd because he was always a shepherd. And so … Continue reading The Little Slab Hut