The Armani Dress

“Hello Adelina. How beautiful your dress is.”

“Thanks, it is an Armani.”

Later, Jody made an announcement. “Hi girls. I saw Adelina today when she came to work and she is wearing an Armani dress. I wonder how she can buy those dresses – so expensive and all, with expensive labels.”

“Maybe she has a lover, or a sugar daddy or she gets money in some secret way….”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe she is taking money from the company. We’d better talk with the manager of her area. Remember she is an accountant and she has access to a lot of money.”

“You are right,” said Jody, “we’d better talk with the manager.”

Later, Adelina was summoned. “Adelina, the manager wants to talk with you.”

“Thanks Jody.”

“Adelina,” said the manager, “the company is a bit concerned about your work here. I mean, not your performance at work, you are all right there, but… We understand that your salary is not enough to allow you to buy such expensive dresses – like the one you are wearing today for example. Is it an Armani? It must be very expensive.”

“I like to dress nicely for my pleasure, out of respect for the people that are around me, and because I can afford it, sir.” Said Adelina. “The other thing – sir – I do not have to give you an account of the way I spend my salary.”

“It came to my attention that every day this week you have been wearing a dress with a very expensive brand name.”

“Are you accusing me of something else, sir?”

“No. I do not have concerns about your performance, but you are under our watch.”

“Do not worry sir, consider this to be my resignation interview. I do not want to work for you or any other person that pays so much attention to gossip and acts on it. And for your information – and maybe your wife would be interested – there is a shed where all sorts of rejected dresses from the most important brands from Paris, Milan and Rome are sold at a price convenient for the salary you paid me. I have already got another job because they like the way I dress. Good bye.”

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3 thoughts on “The Armani Dress

    1. Wouldn’t we all like to do the same?

      Tomorrow’s my last shift at one of my jobs, and as much as I’d like to call in sick, I can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t explain why. At least we have our fictional worlds in which to live out our fantasies.

      Thanks as always for reading, Fred.


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