The Edge of the Continent

Two Clicks looks out over the edge of the continent. He is wise. He knows there’s someone out there. He’s never seen a ship, and he’s never seen a European, but he knows they’re out there.

Thirteen generations ago, Snap Jump was the leader of the tribe. He saw an explorer arrive on a ship from across the sea. The explorer tried to take Snap Jump’s wife away on a boat. Snap Jump killed the explorer.

The story is re-told today and Two Clicks and his people are always wary of invaders coming from over the sea.

You can guess what eventually happened to Two Clicks’ tribe.


Many years have passed.

Yusuf Agar looks to the centre of the milky way. He is learned. He wants to believe there’s someone out there. He’s never seen a space ship, and he’s never seen an alien, but he hopes they exist.

A few weeks ago, farmer Andy Jonsic did a TV interview. He saw an alien spaceship making crop circles. The alien tried to take Andy’s wife away on its spaceship. Andy scared it off with his twelve gauge shotgun.

The story was re-tweeted a million times, but neither Yusuf Agar, nor any one of the million people that re-tweeted it believed it.

You can guess what will happen to Yusuf’s civilisation.



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