The Carillon

“You see that big pointy building over there?” Says Dad.
“Yes. What is it?” Asks his son.
“What do you think it could be?”
“Is it a pole for tying Hindenburgs to?”
“Good guess son, but that’s not what it is.”
“Does it shoot laser beams to talk to extra-terrestrials?”
“Another good guess, but not quite.”
“Is it a giant flute that the wind plays when it blows through?”
“You’re getting warmer. It IS a musical instrument.”

Dad kneels down next to his son. The sound is carrying well across the open water. “Hear that?”
“Those are bells!” The boy jumps up and down excitedly. “It’s a bell piano!”
“Almost.” Says dad. “It’s a carillon. And it sounds like someone’s practising.”

The two listen for a moment.

“Ew!” Exclaims the boy. “He’s worse than uncle Harry playing AC/DC on the guitar!”
Dad silently agrees. “At least he’s trying.”
They continue walking in the park drowning out the sound of the bells by humming AC/DC.



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