The Landscaper

As the landscaper lays paving bricks in a public park, many onlookers glance over to admire his handiwork. He’s been laying paths for decades and he’s a true master of his trade.

A lawyer passes by. “You should be using a stretcher bond. There’s less chance chance of trip hazards.”

An engineer makes comment. “Why aren’t you using a basket weave? It’s less susceptible to vertical-tree-root-displacement.”

A doctor suggests, “try using a stack bond. It’s easier to replace missing pavers that way.”

An architect passes by and feels he needs to comment. “You should be using a simple herringbone pattern. Less is more.”

The next day the park manager calls the landscaper. “Good job yesterday, but I thought we had an agreement. What happened?”

The landscaper responds. “This way there are fewer trip hazards, less chance of tree root problems, no chance of missing pavers and it’s very simple: ‘less is more’ “

“Good point,” the park manager agrees, “but, I mean, it’s just an ugly concrete slab.”

“That’s what the community asked for.”



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