The Royal Academy

The juxtaposition of secular and religious architecture is clearly intentional.” The director of the Royal Academy of Arts makes his position clear. He and the other board members are analysing a contemporary photograph. “This is clearly an example of Pre-Warhollian Art.”

But the emphasis is on the air conditioning unit mounted on the church wall. The irony clearly plants it within the Post-Modern school of thought.” Suggests a notable art critic.

But, it’s clearly the emphasis on the air conditioner that makes this an expression of Utilitarian ideals.” Proposes a third member of the board.

Don’t you remember the writings of Kant?” Protests a fourth. “The heavy use of image editing software puts this clearly in the realms of expressionism. I challenge you to find such a scene in reality.”

If we’re discussing realism, then wouldn’t that make this a surrealist piece?” Poses a fifth collaborator.

But we must ask what was the intent? If it was to gain followers on social media, then it is a Collaborativist piece if I ever saw one.” Adds a sixth.

But Collaborativism is a subset of POST-Warhollianism.” Argues the director. “This is clearly PRE-Warhollianism.”

I won’t move from my assertion that it is Expressionism, cut and dry.”

But it’s surreal. No debate.”

Utility, through and through!”

But, gentlemen!” Exclaims a seventh member. “Have you forgotten the writings of Dr. Seuss? Or the films of Sandler? Don’t forget the illustrations of Groening and MacFarlane. It’s an example therefore of Post-Millenial-Pop-Aestheticism.”

The members mumble in agreeable tones. After a brief period of quiet collaboration the board is in agreement. The Director recites the verdict from his paper notes: “The image is of the style Utilitarian-Pre-Warhollian-Millennialist-Pop-Aesthetic-Surrealism.”

And Post-Modernism?”

The director crumples his notes. “Let’s begin again shall we?”



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