The World Traveller

I have been in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Amsterdam, Sicily, the Canary Islands and a lot of other places in the world. I loved them all. I have had plenty of adventures to tell about my stay in every one of these places. I enjoy my incredible life.

Did I tell you when I entered this expensive restaurant in London where the maitre d’ thought I was someone else and led me to the best table in the restaurant.

Or, when the lead singer of the opera of Milan sang for me from the garden of the hotel where I was to the balcony of my room because he mistakenly though he was singing to someone else that payed a fortune to surprise his lover? That was fun. The singer mistook the number of the room and I had a private concert.

Or, when the jeweler in Istanbul sent bracelets, earrings and rings embellished with precious stones for me to try with the idea that I was going to buy some. Apart from that, there was the scenery, the old buildings, the landscapes, the monuments that had survived for thousand of years… Ah! All the luxuries of every one of these hotels… I am privileged…

My father gave me my travel book when i was a kid, and I have memorized every page and every photo in it. Now that I am grown up, I enjoy my book even more. I live in the same house were I was born. The house has one room that it is used for everything. I live in a slum area of this city, where there are no toilets, running water or beds. I sleep on the floor, as I always did. But my dad found a book in the street one day, gave it to me and with all those marvelous places in photos, every night when I go to sleep I travel to them and have the most magical adventures.



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