The Forbidden Fruit

half-eaten carrot

Ben woke from a dream to find himself in the middle of the scrub. The sun beat down. The genie in his dream told him that he was on the centre-line, whatever that meant. Ben also learned from the talking serpent that the carrot would sustain him as long as he made it last. Just … Continue reading The Forbidden Fruit



Vista of a field to insipre a writer

The writer pondered the field in search of his next writing prompt. If it weren’t for the steel fence posts the vista would probably look the same as it did two centuries ago. It’s still an old, wise land with endless stories to tell, but no voice to tell them. It was up to the … Continue reading Typical!

The Toy Train

Wooden home-made toy train

You’ve seen tablets, smartphones, books that read themselves and action figures that do your maths homework. There are glow-in-the-dark dolls, web-slinging wrist-canisters, illuminated basketballs and talking frisbees. You’ve seen them on the shelves of stores, and in the catalogues that fill your mailbox every weekend. They’re advertised on TV during the kids’ programs, and they … Continue reading The Toy Train