The Towie

Twisty road slithering through the Australian bush

“Dead Motorcyclist Found 100m From Road” reads a newspaper headline. Gary is sitting at the breakfast table sipping orange juice. He’s a retired truckie, and he knows a bit about everything. He examines the accompanying photo. It says it’s a picture of the stretch of road near the place where the body was found. Gary’s … Continue reading The Towie


The Dog-Walkers

Back street in Ross, Tasmania late afternoon with green grass

Rodney’s diary is full of stuff. If it weren’t written in his diary he’d forget to do it. He cleans old ladies’ gutters, fixes mates’ cars, maintains the local bowling club, mows the lawn around the visitors’ centre... he’s a typical retiree - very busy. There’s one thing Rodney never has to write in his … Continue reading The Dog-Walkers