The Edge of the Continent

90 mile beach, Victoria, purple dawn sunrise

Two Clicks looks out over the edge of the continent. He is wise. He knows there’s someone out there. He’s never seen a ship, and he’s never seen a European, but he knows they’re out there. Thirteen generations ago, Snap Jump was the leader of the tribe. He saw an explorer arrive on a ship … Continue reading The Edge of the Continent


The Big Instrument

Corrugated iron water tanks on farm in NSW, Australia

“Bong!” There are footsteps. Then again. “Bong!” More footsteps. “Bong!” No, it’s not a bell-ringer practising his repertoire. It’s a farmer walking along his row of water tanks. “Bong!” Footsteps. “Thunk!” The last tank in the row is half full. It’s barely enough to supply the house, let alone the livestock and the crop. The … Continue reading The Big Instrument