Burra-Budgial Bay

Tasmanian beach, bay, sheep farm and poplar trees with beautiful sky

There’s a bay they call Jonas’ Bay, because Jonas was the first white fella to spot it. Others call it Gilbert’s Bay. Mr Gilbert’s the bloke that planted the poplar trees. Some call it Mary Bay, because Mary raised the kids whose names are written on the paper that says the bay’s theirs. Some call … Continue reading Burra-Budgial Bay


Chekhov’s Gun

stippled clouds at sunrise over Victoria, South Australia boder

I sit on the floor in my room with my back to the wall. The weather is stinking hot, but it’s cooler down low. I type this on my antiquated laptop as my childhood teddy bear stares at me from atop my bookshelf. I ponder the musings of the great Anton Chekhov: “If you say … Continue reading Chekhov’s Gun