The Dewdrop

Dewdrops on casuarina leaves

A (Precisely) 100 Word Tale A primary school teacher is a cop, a judge, a doctor, a mind-reader, and finally, an educator. When two crying kids are in dispute, and neither can articulate themselves, what can a teacher do? “Cheer up, snowflake.” The teacher says to one. “Easy there, dewdrop.” He says to the other. … Continue reading The Dewdrop


The Boathouse

Boathouse in Great Oyster Bay Tasmania

A (Precisely) 100 Word Story There’s a boathouse by the sea that must be a century old. It’s teetered on the edge of oblivion for longer than a lifetime. The sea is calm, but so is a crocodile waiting for the right moment to pounce. Will it erupt into a starved frenzy? Unlikely. The sheer … Continue reading The Boathouse