Solitary Rock

Solitary rock on a stormy day in Namadgi National Park

I walk through the field towards a solitary rock. The sheep regard me with contempt. I suspect that the rock marks an important site. There’s nothing to indicate that this is so, except for a feeling within me. I stand toe to toe with the modest monolith. The feeling intensifies. I KNOW that this rock … Continue reading Solitary Rock

Ancient Humans

Cobblestone courtyard overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Capri, Italy

Humans haven’t changed too much since they’ve been around. We’re a little taller than we were a thousand years ago, but we’re a little shorter than we were ten-thousand years ago (1). We might be a little scrawnier than our ancestors, but we’re a little better at running marathons (2). And one might argue that … Continue reading Ancient Humans