You Can’t Say That!

Mountains, trees and a beautiful curved road through the country

In a postmodern world, co-partner and co-partner go for an autonomous car trip through the countryside. Their child is brewing in a gestation facility in town, and it’s due for delivery at opening time on Monday. Co-partner says to co-partner pensively “ze will be the best thing to happen to us.” Ze agrees, nodding with … Continue reading You Can’t Say That!


Seagulls taking refuge in the shade on a hot day

There are little islands all around us. There are the kind in the sea that poke their heads above the water, but there are many other kinds of islands too. Many islands are ephemeral, like the floating icebergs that migrate through the seas, tumbling and turning as if they are living creatures. And then there … Continue reading Islands

The Toy Train

Wooden home-made toy train

You’ve seen tablets, smartphones, books that read themselves and action figures that do your maths homework. There are glow-in-the-dark dolls, web-slinging wrist-canisters, illuminated basketballs and talking frisbees. You’ve seen them on the shelves of stores, and in the catalogues that fill your mailbox every weekend. They’re advertised on TV during the kids’ programs, and they … Continue reading The Toy Train