Showdown on Lake Como

The dramatic mountains of Lake Como, Italy, on a sunny day

As another seaplane comes in to land, Giacomo fires up the speedboat and heads out with his drum of petrol. He cuts the motor and drifts up to the plane, stopping within millimetres of the plane’s left float. The pilot flops some money in Giacomo’s hand and he ties the plane to the mooring and … Continue reading Showdown on Lake Como

A Major Misunderstanding

Bunch of rough-looking packham pears on display at a fruit shop

The change room is bustling. The drag-queens are about to start a big show in Vegas. Their many muscular figures dominate the cramped room, but their movements are so graceful. A Mexican beauty grabs a pear from the fruit table. She needs a little energy before her big number. The Texan girl is concerned about … Continue reading A Major Misunderstanding