The Five Ladies

Valley and mountains, Namadgi National Park

A circle of ladies sit wearing fluffy ponchos and knitting woollen blankets. The bundles of fabric heap at their feet, blending into a homogeneous mass. Are the five ladies knitting five blankets, or are they each knitting one corner of the same five-cornered blanket? It’s hard to tell. The air was so clear yesterday that … Continue reading The Five Ladies

The Island

Misty, mysterious, Mediterranean, floating island, Mt Vesuvius, Isle of Capri

As the voyage drags on, the steerage cabin fills to the brim. My fellow passengers are gradually losing all their money to the banker who, each night, cleans up our savings in a game of Mexican monte. He’s the only passenger aboard who can afford to sleep in first-class, but he’ll be staying with us … Continue reading The Island