A Leap of Lemmings

miniature stonemason de-hulling almonds

I hopped on the bus and the penguin said “hey.” It must be hard driving a bus without opposable thumbs. I took a seat next to the albatross. I wouldn’t normally have chosen a seat next to such a large creature, but all the other seats were taken. At least, being a bird, a conversation … Continue reading A Leap of Lemmings


The Fork

fork prongs and shadows

“There’s something on my fork, waiter.” The man with the long face gestures towards the waiter to move closer. “Look there, waiter. Right up close. There’s something on my fork.” The long-faced, musky-smelling man has the fork laid on the tablecloth with the prongs facing upwards. “See, waiter? There’s something on my fork. Look closer.” … Continue reading The Fork