The Difficult Road

Muddy wheel tracks through green, grassy paddock in Tasmania

“At times the ruts are deep - its gets messy, muddy and mucky. At other times it’s smooth bitumen.” I’m on the phone with dad who’s keen to try out his new smart-phone. He’s driven many dirt roads and sheep-tracks in his lifetime. He crossed the Nullarbor Plain, Explored the Simpson Desert and Tackled the … Continue reading The Difficult Road


The Royal Academy

Old Uniting Church, Wilmot Tasmania on a stormy day dramatic sky

“The juxtaposition of secular and religious architecture is clearly intentional.” The director of the Royal Academy of Arts makes his position clear. He and the other board members are analysing a contemporary photograph. “This is clearly an example of Pre-Warhollian Art.” “But the emphasis is on the air conditioning unit mounted on the church wall. … Continue reading The Royal Academy