The Scoop

rosella sitting in a bush, Australian iconic parrot

The rosella isn’t just a squawking, flying, crapping parrot. It’s an icon of Australia, and if it doesn’t conjure images of soup, biscuits, tomato sauce and jam, then you’re just un-Australian. But the Rosella Preserving and Manufacturing Co. wasn’t named after a parrot, it was named after a plant: the Roselle, or Hibiscus sabdariffa. It’s … Continue reading The Scoop


The Suspicious Tent

Road passing by open plains and farms in rural NSW Australia with dramatic clouds in sky.

“That tent’s been on the side of the highway for the last three days. I wouldn’t want to go near it. Only a freak would camp right beside a busy highway for three days.” That’s the mental process of everyone that’s driven past the little blue tent. And if the person that set it up … Continue reading The Suspicious Tent