The Dog-Walkers

Back street in Ross, Tasmania late afternoon with green grass

Rodney’s diary is full of stuff. If it weren’t written in his diary he’d forget to do it. He cleans old ladies’ gutters, fixes mates’ cars, maintains the local bowling club, mows the lawn around the visitors’ centre... he’s a typical retiree - very busy. There’s one thing Rodney never has to write in his … Continue reading The Dog-Walkers


Self Assessment

Row of observatory domes at Mt Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, Australia

It’s self-assessment time again. They tell us it’s for self-improvement. The memo reads: “It’s a way to get your boss on your side, so you can work together to be a better team-member.” Oh yeah? I’m an engineer at the observatory. I’m the guy that helps the astronomers point the telescopes at the coordinates they … Continue reading Self Assessment