Where Were You?

The Big Merino, Goulburn, Australia

What was the first book you read? Where did you have your first kiss? What were you doing when your life took a turn? Ebeneezer remembers regarding his untied shoelace as he stood on the Brooklyn Bridge. He was nervously waiting for Maude to say yes to his marriage proposal. He’d ship out the next … Continue reading Where Were You?

Ancient Humans

Cobblestone courtyard overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Capri, Italy

Humans haven’t changed too much since they’ve been around. We’re a little taller than we were a thousand years ago, but we’re a little shorter than we were ten-thousand years ago (1). We might be a little scrawnier than our ancestors, but we’re a little better at running marathons (2). And one might argue that … Continue reading Ancient Humans