A Major Misunderstanding

Bunch of rough-looking packham pears on display at a fruit shop

The change room is bustling. The drag-queens are about to start a big show in Vegas. Their many muscular figures dominate the cramped room, but their movements are so graceful. A Mexican beauty grabs a pear from the fruit table. She needs a little energy before her big number. The Texan girl is concerned about … Continue reading A Major Misunderstanding


Fermi Paradox

Funny pair of ducks floating on a pond

Fermi Paradox: Named after Enrico Fermi, it’s the question of - given the age of the universe and the probability of extra-terrestrial life - why haven’t we been visited by an intelligent alien species yet? Little Jane is playing by the pond. Mum has a close eye on her as the rest of the adults … Continue reading Fermi Paradox