The Grass is Greener

Magpie pulling a worm from the ground to eat

He’s the king of the birds, and this evening he’s eating like a king. The rain has stopped and the worms are coming up for air in the waterlogged soil. The magpie barely needs to work to fill his belly. A human is watching and that’s okay, as long as he keeps his distance. If … Continue reading The Grass is Greener


Sucks to be Poor

View of Brindabella mountain range in Canberra ACT Australia with dramatic sky

It’s so ridiculous being poor, literally! Like, no one listens to you. There’s this rich guy called Trenton J. Rhys-King. His parents like, own a salvage company that found a super-old Portuguese boat that sunk like, ages ago. Well, the city tried to put a highway like right next to their mansion, so Trenton’s dad … Continue reading Sucks to be Poor