Pacific Ocean in portrait
This was a picture of I, but a wave came and she had to move.

How many people have you met that call themselves writers? How many people do you know that identify as photographers? Well, we know heaps from each camp.

Being impressed by the titles of friends is all well and good, but what if we want titles of our own? We figure the best way to be writers is to write, and the best way to be photographers is to photograph.

The result is this collaborative blog. It’s a mixing pot of two minds. We’re a short story writing duo and we send stories to one another whenever we’re bored, lonely or inspired. We also take all the photos that you see accompanying our tales.

Our initials are T and I, and we initial each tale we tell. Hence the name: T and I Tales… Tandi Tales!

Lake Bathurst NSW, Australia
This would have been a picture of T, but with no tripod it was either in front of the lens or behind. He chose behind.

I has already published a book of short stories.

T has published a novel.

We both want to reach out to a wider audience.

We publish a tale every Friday at 9:30am Sydney time.

You’re welcome to join us on our journey.





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