The Entrepreneur

tiny lavenders at lavender farm in Tasmania, Australia

There’s a man that thinks himself an entrepreneur. Essential oils are expensive, right? That’s because production’s expensive. You get a whole heap of raw material and cook it for hours and hours. You pass the steam through little tubes that cause the volatile oils to condense, and every now and then a droplet drips into … Continue reading The Entrepreneur

The Power Pole Inspector

power pole and cables in front of a stormy sky

Cut your nails you animal, thinks the cash register operator as the middle aged lady stabs him with her manicured nails. “Oops, sorry.” She says. “That’s fine. Didn’t even notice.” He responds. A bag of apples has torn open. “You don’t mind if I leave this behind do you?” Says the overcautious mum. “Not at … Continue reading The Power Pole Inspector