The Landscaper

Paving pattern of concentric circles in red brick

As the landscaper lays paving bricks in a public park, many onlookers glance over to admire his handiwork. He’s been laying paths for decades and he’s a true master of his trade. A lawyer passes by. “You should be using a stretcher bond. There’s less chance chance of trip hazards.” An engineer makes comment. “Why … Continue reading The Landscaper

The Competition

Apartment building balconies against blue sky

Two old friends cross paths at a coffee shop. They squawk at each other. Marigold, darling!” “Oh, June, sweetheart!” “How are the children?” They sit at an empty table and the competition is on. “My son lives on the seventeenth floor of the tallest building in town.” “Well, my daughter just moved into the eighteenth … Continue reading The Competition