Machu Picchu’s Nose

Machu picchu classic shot on a sunny day with green grass and beautiful weather, Peru

We’re getting ready for a big project this time. We sit at the airstrip of a self-made billionaire here in Peru. We’re borrowing his fleet of helicopters. When he heard our plans he was so excited that he wouldn’t let us proceed without his involvement. We’ve provided three pilots to pilot three of the helicopters. … Continue reading Machu Picchu’s Nose


Green grass, road and power poles leading to water tank on top of hill

The grass is green and the sun is shining, but Kate wouldn’t know it. She’s inside with her curtains closed, stuck in a firefight between a Pakistani, a Filipino and a New Zealander. She ducks and dives, performs a somersault and leaps from the tallest building, but it doesn’t show in the tone of her … Continue reading Addiction