A Pocketful of Stars

Southern Cross and pointers

The teacher at the boarding school snatched a boy's smartphone from him on the playground. "Those are banned!" She spouted before storming off with the device. The kid's eyes welled up at the feeling of betrayal. Another boy comforted him "don't worry, you'll probably get it back. They're just banned cos the rich kid lost … Continue reading A Pocketful of Stars


The Pigeons

Australian crested top-knot pigeon

There was this boy that liked to experiment with different dishes, and he particularly liked to eat what he grew. So, he decided to raise pigeons to eat them in a salad. His little cousin, who was cute as a rose, loved birds, horses, flowers and grass and was spoiled by the family because she … Continue reading The Pigeons

How to Write a Twist Ending

street art painted on paved footpath

As if writing a compelling narrative wasn’t difficult enough, the idea of ending it in a way that completely knocks the reader’s socks off can be daunting. Not only must you adhere to all the principles of good storytelling (conflict resolution, emotive characters, no plot holes, evocative language, good grammar) you also need to plan … Continue reading How to Write a Twist Ending