The Carbon Atom

Robin sitting on stump in Australian bush

Carbon remembers the days when it floated carelessly through the air. It sure beats being blasted through space after a star explosion. After millions of years existing with its kin - a whole bunch of other carbon atoms - one day it paired up with Oxygen. She was a young beauty, and it was a … Continue reading The Carbon Atom


Alien Invasion

Spiky alien plant

Ten thousand years ago, humans came to Earth as refugees, but we have since forgotten our origins. Three hundred years ago, another alien species came to dominate. They hid in plain sight, waiting and watching. Since we had forgotten our history, our foe could hide with impunity as a spiky green ‘plant’. We didn’t know … Continue reading Alien Invasion

Background Blur

tree trunk with lots of bokeh

A (Precisely) 100 Word, Alliterative Story This is a message to the masses. An appeal to all the aperture openers. Photographers: feel for the forgotten and forsaken background blur. Consider the sacrifice of seldom starring in the snapshot. Its inherent invaluableness is indisputable. It makes portraits pop; macros magnificent; and beauty shots... beautiful. The background … Continue reading Background Blur