Lucid Dreaming

Clouds from above

Tony is a miserable guy. He hates his job, he hates his apartment, and if he had a girlfriend, he’d probably hate her too. He earns just enough to pay the bills, and when he saves up enough to do something special, there’s a new surcharge, or his car breaks down, or his pushbike needs … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming


The Rainforest

Dicksonia Antarctica fern tree leaf with sun shining through

It’s a cool day in the rainforest. The branches are dripping with just-fallen rain. The leaves are crackling in stereo as droplets fall upon them. It’s like the forest is stretching after a long slumber. Tiny birds chirp happily as the insects are out. The insects chirp happily too. The forest air is thick with … Continue reading The Rainforest