Annoying Encounters

Australian seagull on a sunny day

A (Precisely) 100 Word Story A hand is extended your way. You shake it. He won’t let go. “What’s your name? Where you from? Where you going? Whatcha doin'?” You stutter a response to the barrage. “You seem like an intelligent person. I love your hair. Nice shoes. They look expensive.” He plants the seed. … Continue reading Annoying Encounters


No More Sand

Dawn at Point Hicks, Victoria, Australia

A (Precisely) 100 Word Story The world was gripped by insomnia. No one could determine the cause. Was it a pandemic? A virus? Maybe the planets were out of alignment. Was there an airborne toxin preventing everyone from sleeping? Red-eyed and weary, the world carried on spinning. Stocks kept trading and the power stayed on. … Continue reading No More Sand