The Flowers

“Amazing flowers. Don’t you think?” Said Ernesto.

“Do not touch them, we do not know if they are not poisonous.” Said Mario

Ernesto responded “Why should we be so afraid of a flower that looks exactly like a lily?”

“But, it can produce some inconvenience to us… allergies, rashes, whatever…”

“Look,” said Ernesto, “they have the shape of a face inside.”

“What are you talking about?” said Mario.

“Really,” said Ernesto, “there is a face in the middle of the petals.”

“Where are Mario and Ernesto?” Asked the captain.

“I haven’t seen them returning from the garden. I thought I hear a scream from the garden,” said Joseph, “but when i looked through the window I did not see a thing. It should be that both Mario and Ernesto are playing a prank on us.”

“Joseph, go to the garden and try to find them.” Said the captain.

“Yes sir, I will go.”

“Sir, i think I found them.” Said Joseph.

“Where are they?” Said the captain.

“In there” Said Joseph, pointing to three magnificent lilies.

“The plants have the faces of Mario and Ernesto in their corollas.” said Joseph.

“This is a different environment than ours on earth. Whoever knows what happened to them to get inside the flowers. Do not touch these flowers. Do not approach them. Always wear your protective suits and remember to pour some water on them so they do not die. Let’s go to the lab to try to find a way to free them from inside the flowers.”



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