The Job Interview

Three people sit in a room. A man is applying for a job. One is interviewing and the other is taking notes.

“It says on your resume that you’re a biologist.”
“Yep, I can identify any plant.”
“Well, that’s pretty interesting. You seem a little overqualified. Why aren’t you applying for a job in a relevant field?”
“I just wanted a break from that kind of work. Back to basics, you know.”
“So, can you identify the flowers in the vase over there?”
“Of course, they’re roses.”
“And that tree outside the window?”
“That’s a magnolia.”
“Well, that’s pretty good. How about that tree way over in the distance there?”
“Well, it’s a pine tree. Duh.”
“And why do you think you qualify for this job?”
“Well, as you can see, I have an eye for detail and my facts are meticulous.”
“I’m impressed. You’re hired!”

After shaking hands and exchanging information, the job-applicant left the room. The note-taker mentioned “that rose that he identified is actually a lily.”
The interviewer nodded.
“The ‘magnolia’ is a cherry tree,” the note-taker continued.
“And the ‘pine tree’ was actually a she oak. Why did you hire him?”
“He’ll make a great insurance broker. He’s a natural liar.”



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