The Wind

The wind – where did it come from? I am cold. Did I check if all the doors
and windows are closed? It has been blowing without stop for the last five days. There is so much dust in here. The sound is like a wolf, or a cat meowing loud; very loud.

I went to sleep last night and the only thing I could do was stay flat in bed looking at the ceiling. There is no sky if I look through the window. I can only see the grey of the landscape. No trees, no path, no other houses, no animals. Where have all the animals gone

The television is not working. The wires that connect the TV to my house were cut by the wind; the furious wind; the maddening wind. The last time I saw my neighbours was a fortnight ago, when the rain began. The weather forecast said there was going to be rain and wind and that we should be prepared. I have provisions for a year inside the house. I do not have means to communicate with the exterior. I can’t open the door for fear of being left outside if I dare to go further and the threshold.

The rain stopped and then the wind appeared, but the sky was never clear. It was all a continuation. I do not know where the wind came from. I do
not know when it is going to stop. I do not know if it is ever going to
stop. I am cold. The wind dries everything it touches. I am scared. The
authorities warned us not to open the doors or windows. They said it could be risky.


What happened? The wind stopped. I am going to the door. I want
to see outside, I want to see the trees and the garden and try to get in
touch with someone else.


I open the door..

There is nothing left outside.

“Peter, wake up, wake up!! You must be dreaming. Why were you screaming? I told you not to leave the fan on all night, it is too noisy and the
temperature always goes down at dawn. It is time to get up and go to school.”



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