Do You Really Trust the Trees?

Stringy bark falling off gum tree / eucalyptus

The dirt track is bounded at its edges by a dense wall of melaleucas. Their foliage brushes the ground and towers metres above. The pretty red flowers contradict the spiky leaves. Pushing past the splintery natural boundary you find a clearing. You can be sure that it hasn’t been touched for hundreds of years because … Continue reading Do You Really Trust the Trees?

The Ethnobotanist

Bright yellow fire hydrant on the footpath

Sally found out how to feel important: you start a social media page that says you’re a specialist in something that nobody has heard of, you find a great website template and you start copy-pasting journal articles from the web. Bam! Instant ethnobotanist. Sally spent months flashing her title around at theatres, fancy restaurants, family … Continue reading The Ethnobotanist